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harbor is where ravens fans named at this team. they're called the ravens because that is the name you chose. right here 17 years ago. so it is altogether fitting that this is the spot the ravens will leave from four superable -- super bowl xlvii. isn't it think this team has one more problem to deal with? that is all they have done all year long. what did they say around the country? he is out for the season. guess they were wrong. what about when ray lewis went down with a tricep injury? what did they say around the country? guess he is done for the season. guess they were wrong. what did they say now is the ravens get set for super bowl are thed the 49er's favorite? guess the ravens will not win it. guess they are wrong. ray lewisd to end th career. i wonder what they're doing with that billboard now? when you talk about the highlights of this season, how about beating tom brady not once but twice? >> how about beating peyton manning and tom brady back-to- back? here is a traffic update. the ravens are making progress. they are moving through the traffic. they might be slow, the mov
where necessary starting at 5:00 am. we have learned that tomorrow's raven superbowl rally will go on rain or shine. join us at 11:30 and the voice of the ravens will serve as mc. with members of the 2001 ravens superbowl winning team. and you can get the forecast -- with the 11 forecast in the palm of your hands. somewhere they are not worried about the ice is new orleans. the ravens broadcast team landed there. a look at day one in the land of mardi gras. >> a beautiful evening on the mississippi river, a slight breeze out of the south. this is the crescent city connection or the mississippi river bridge. here is downriver to the gulf of mexico. we hit the ground running. we arrived at 1:00 and the party has already begun. >> our trip started with an early-morning flgiht and they were anticipating plenty of ravens fans making the trip, but later in the week. the anticipation was building. we were greeted with a parade and i'm not saying it was for me and bridget but it felt like it. >> i like flacco. i wans tnt to see someone stop kaepernick. >> the vibe is stronger as they enjoy
institute believe.e got to that was the reaction all across ravens nation and as they took down the pats in foxboro by 15 points. >> amazing, just amazing. >> as official, our team is super bowl bound. >> once the ravens region new orleans, they will be taking on the san francisco 49ers coached by coach harbor on -- harbaugh's brother jim. pete.begin with i'd bet things are feeling a whole lot warmer up there now. >> it is not that cold. a year ago i was watching them come off of this field. they looked bang like they just lost a puppy dog. they were very sad. ray lewis said that we will get back here. they did. they made sure that things were different. in the locker room at halftime they were getting the same feelings from a year ago where it might be slipping away trailing 13-7. at that point, they rallied. joe flacco, absolutely unbelievable in the second half where he threw three touchdown passes. he has not thrown it interception since the loss to denver. that was the one where he was left lying on the field for 15 seconds. that was one of the lowest
now, abc2 news at 11:00. >> superbowl bound, touchdown after touchdown, the ravens did what they had to do now we're going to new orleans. theravens showed up and shut down the patriots on their home turf. the party is on. >> it will be harbaugh versus harbaugh. we have team coverage from all over. . >> the ravens came to new england to settle the score can and boy did they. we're goingto new orleans for superbowl 47. jamie, ray lewis said it best, it's our time. >> i'm tell you what, what we saw in that stadium, we will never forget, am i right? . >> no kidding. you're talkingabout probably 5,000 ravens fans that made the trip up here and citied after the game. terrell suggs staying after and diving into the stand sglgs ray lewis goes out there and has a prayer circle with his teammates and then makes one o' of the most emotional speeches i've ever heard. just incredible. >> we have adam jones and michael phelps, they were part f o' the celebration. 28-13,we're going to new orleans roosevelt leftwich. >> you can't beat it. therewere people in the stands going on stub
a chhnce o meet special raven fan who'ssa hit withhstudents. ((break 2)) 3 3 role modelssccme in many forms. but, paul gessler shows us... a school custodian fills ttat role for students in severnaa park.especially.... as the ravens make thh championship push. push. 3 ook hill elementary school has a loyal eeployee..mikk duvall, oak ill custodian:"i'm a -3 custodian. i've been here 11 years. hell clean up custodian. i''eebeen here custodian::"'m a custodian. i've been here 11 years.. elp building--somebody's gotta do it."mike duvall is loyal to oak hill.mike duvall, oak hill little bit. a little bit -&pdusty."but, nothing an top... mike: "kindergarten's coming. oh, an. ttey loveethe ravens." his loyalty to the baatimore ravens.mike: "eeery day is purple. monday, 3 tuessay, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday..." kkala mireles: "he wears pavees jerseys, ravens bbads,, necklaces, hats. and, he gives &pout purple bird buckk for & ravens.""ravens chann begins) every day at lunch(ravens chanttcontinues)is parr chicken pattie... part... pep rally.m
it all -- afc champion baltimore ravens. >> the ravens are heading towards new orleans. >> the ravens did avenge last year's loss to the patriots. 14 unanswered points while the defense shut down tom brady's passing attack. 28-13. the ravens stars reflected on what this game meant to them. >> we didn't come all the way here to play it safe. we have to play to win and do some of those plays. our guys made big plays, everybody came up big when we needed to. >> baltimore is one of the most loyal places i've been around. the greatest reward is another chance for a super bowl. i'm on for the ride. >> that sets the stage for the ravens taking on the san francisco 49ers in the super bowl. you could hear the game on wbal radio and 98 radio a full day of pregame coverage. >> ravens fans went crazy. kim dacey joins us live from fells point. i'm sure there are still fans partying. >> i think everybody has gone home. the fans poured out of the bars and parted in the streets. the ravens had won the afc championship, securing their spot in the super bowl. many fans feel a trip to the super bowl is long
to the d.c. region. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story -- what else? the ravens are heading back to the super bowl. >> after getting off to a slow start, joe flacco and the ravens offense started firing on all cylinders. the ravens defense shut down tom brady's passing attack. >> you have to do some of those things. our guys made place. all the tight ends and receivers can update. >> baltimore is one of the most loyal places i've ever been around. the greatest reward you can give them is another chance at the super bowl. the last ride, i am on for the ride. >> the ravens take on the surface cisco 49 is in the super bowl two sundays from yesterday. the kickoff around 6:30 p.m. expect a full day of pregame coverage. talk about no respect. the oddsmakers have the 49ers' as four and a half point favorites over the ravens. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. after beating andrew luck, peyton manning, and tom brady, do you think the ravens should be 4 1/2-point underdogs in the super bowl? you can share your response at and on our faceboo
. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the baltimore ravens will fly down to new orleans later today, but not before a big sendoff here in baltimore. >> we have live team coverage this morning. it is one big party in new orleans. >> good morning. it is 60 degrees and clear. i'm very comfortable. we got into town yesterday afternoon. we got our press credentials. notice the color. it is purple. we went shopping at the nfl shop inside the convention center. it is a huge shopping. lots of loch raven stuff of course. there are plenty of new orleans that are ne baltimore fans. >> i am glad to have it here. i am glad that baltimore is here. i'm glad ray lewis is here. i hope he can retire in style. >> i got this football with my picture on it. more coverage of the entire week. >> looks like a blast. purple pride in full swing. george lettis is live at the inner harbor. >> it doesn't matter if it is snowing or icing. this is the ravens sendoff rally. over my shoulder is were the stage is. the ravens will talk to fans and getting them riled up. i have some dedicated ravens fans. you guys are
-- the ravens are arrived about 3:15. quite a bit different than from baltimore this morning. bad bad weather could not keep the ravens fans away. >> here in baltimore, ravens fans love their team. hours before the rally began, thousands of fans filled the amphitheater at the inner harbor. they were here to show their support for the ravens. >> bring it back to baltimore. >> we wish our team well. it would not be a rally without the cheerleaders. poe was here. fans came from all over, they had to be here. >> i drove 200 miles to get here. >> i come from ocean city, maryland. this is baltimore. it is all about the ravens. >> after being stuck in traffic, the ravens arrived. the fans went crazy. >> how about number 5? >> we're not going to new orleans for nothing else but for another ring back to baltimore. we love you, we love you, we love you. we're going to give it everything we got. >> ain't no better team than baltimore. >> this is awesome. >> we got two tickets to paradise. >> shortly before 1:00, ed reed let the fans and the team in a final sendoff. >> baltimore on the three.
. >> still ahead, lucky in love. >> is even better to be a super ravens couple. one some sweethearts are even more excited about saying i do. >> who is your favorite child? the tough question posed to the hearts of parents. >> the doppler shows more snow headed this way. the forecast is coming up. each with an appetizer, and dessert? whoa! no wonder they call it a complete meal. 3 courses, one diner price. complete skillet meals, starting at $8.99. only at denny's. >> you can now be part of the ravens sendoff crew, and send them off in super bowl style. the city is preparing a rally that will be held at the inner harbor amphitheater. it all officially starts monday morning at 11:30. gerry sandusky is the emcee. the celebration will include ravens cheerleaders and members of the original ravens of super bowl winning team. >> it sounds like fun. and sports be a catalyst for romance? it can indeed. we introduced you to a couple earlier this week that met at a super bowl party 12 years ago. they decided they would not tie the knot until the ravens return to the super bowl, which is soon. kai reed
it will mean for your & morning commute... vytts. p3 3 baltiiore has waited 12 years for this week.the ravens are - back in the super bowl.we have live overage tonight from new orleans..organ adsst joins us now to kick thiigs off.moogan. the 44ers have landed in the big easy...the ravens head to super bowl 47 tomorrow.but before anyone was there... was fox 45 sports new orleans.he joins us live now, hey brrcc. 3 3 3 3 3 thankk bruce...aan once pgain...for the thirr ssraiggt playoff wwek....he ravens are -3the underddg.the lineddoppned up at 5 in vegas...but since fans are betting raaens...theyy are now a 3-and-aahalf point &punderdog.just the way tth ravens like it. 3 3 we ave you covered on our website... all tte way leading uu to super bowl 3 dot com.go to ssorts... click 3 coverage... ray's final ride... and his history as a a speccal look at super bowl's all there and more... at fox baltimore dot com. 3 our live coverage froo new orleans with bruce continues on sports unlimited.also, find &pout iffwinning the lombardi ttophy..
bat natl pikemmp 3 3 you can just feel the &pexcitement across ballimore this morning.the ravens are headee to the super bowl!the peam ent into foxborough last niggtt.. and pulled out a convincing 28--3 win over the patriots. we pick it up in the middle of - the third quarter... the & pavens trail 13-7.buttthen... joe flacco hits dennis pitta from five yards out.the extra lead 14-13.later... facco hits anquan boldin for two fourth quarttrrtouchdowns... this is the second one... from 11 yards out... givinggthe -3 ravens a 22-13 lead.that provee to be enough....and as the lock wound down, tte ravens claimed tte victtry. -3& 3&&p "i just said the god doeen't make mistakes, man. 3 to bring us 3 bbak here twice... he had real plan for us the whole year." 3 trip to the super bowl in 12 years....hey'll plaa john's 49ers in super bowl 47 in new prreans..he 49ers beat aalanta earlier in the day. thh one bad hing abouu last night's game?we weren't there! there! but joel d. smith waa and he is strraming now from providence this morning... wee'e j
- 3 3 3 ,3&&pmapgreensrpingbat natl pikk395 map 3ravens fans are feeliig the excitement toddy.aftee last nightts immressive 23-13 win against the patriotss.. e can proudll say... weere headed to the super bowl! bowl!herees a look at ssme - ppays that made it aal possible... ii the middle of the third quartee... the pavenn trail 11--.but then... joe flaaco hits dennisspitta froo five yards out.thh extta point is good and the ravens leed 14-13.llter... flacco fourth quarter touuhdowns... thii is the second one....from 11 ards out... giviig tte ravens a 28-13 lead.that proved tt be enough... and as the clooc wound down, the raaenn claimed the victooy. (in airspeee as: jan 20 prees pooference) 22:50:01:54 "it'ss amazing man. toobe going back to ewworleans man, i was so &pgreatful man. to be going to crystal city, hey here we ccme baby.'s the rrvens' firstt & trip to he super bowl in 12 years...they'll play john's brother im harbaugh and the p4ers in super boww 47 in new - orleans.the 49ers bbat atlanta the one bad thing 3 abouttlast night'
now good morning maryland. the week we have been waiting for all season, ravens leaving charm city for the super bowl. where to show off your purple pride. >>> jurors back in court for the felecia barns murder trial. how the state is expected to portray the alleged killer. >>> we have coverage of the winter weather of a messy monday morning as you get ready to head out the door. good morning, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. hope you had a great weekend. the story now, the weather. see a wintery mix this morning. mike masco is in wood lawn. >> team coverage, out the door safely as safely as possible. loren is watching the roads. we begin with lynette charles. >>> we are dealing with wintery weather this morning. we have a winter weather advisory in effect until lunchtime for today. the areas shaded in the blue. cecil county, towards the west, as we look through the eastern shore, rain across the area. the winter weather, we have advisory. let's take you on a little tour. see the mixing, where you are seeing the blues, you are dealing with snow across the yeah. we are gett
, california. >>> it is super bowl week and it is officially underway. the baltimore ravens touchdown in new orleans just a minute ago and tonight, the stage is starting to teenage place for the super bowl showdown versus the san francisco 49ers. all right, the big easy all abuzz as the city gets ready to put on the biggest football game of the year. >> and our blitz and glitz team, they are there to bring you the sights, sounds, and celebrities in town. kristen berset joins us live from new orleans where the team is starting to settle in. what a week ahead, kristen. >> reporter: yeah, anita, they have so much coming up this week. like you said, they arrived earlier today. we got our media badges and we are in new orleans when we get our own set of beads. we'll be taking those out with us. but everybody is getting settled in. the media is starting to fill in the room and we'll be hearing from ravens head coach, john harbaugh, and some of the players, as well. they all got on their charter flight this morning. you know, a trip that they have been, you know, trying for years to make. it's be
a ravens fan on redskins turf. the line fan we found rock -- the lone fan. >> and let's go, ravens, i'll jump on that bandwag on, too and we had some freezeing rain. the good news, the temperatures won't dip below freezing and we have an up-and-down forecast. what are you working on? >> the caps finally notched that first win of the season and we'll hear from the head coach before they hit the road and we also heard from the ravens prior to their trip down south. south. . >> we got two tickets topiary dice. >> and adgreen has the chops. sendoff from baltimore earlier today. more sights and sounds straight ahead on the sports edge.  >>> the army corps of engineers back on the side of a d.c. world war 1 mew nichian sites. investigators have demolished a home in the neighborhood where evidence was found and lives to in the surrounding soil and th work isk pentd to the take three -- expected to take three week. >>> the latest survey shows the price of a gallon of regular unleaded rose 2 cents the past two weeks. the national average is $3.34 and in the district, it's $3.56; maryland
breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening, everybody. the ravens compared to head to new orleans. fans are heading to the stores and looking for gear to support them. sarah is reporting live with more. >> people keep going in and out of this place. the owner is says it has been like that since 9 a.m. on monday morning. people cannot get enough of ravens gear. the owner says he expects things will be even busier as we approach next weekend. people are looking for things further super bowl parties. they have championship shirts, jerseys, hats, and other things. >> the locker room t-shirts, anything with the super bowl on it, the flags, other things like that. >> i have to. they will win. we have to support them. >> some items have started to run out, especially the ones made overseas and need to be shipped over. the one thing that they really want are the items that they cannot win -- cannot buy, and that is a win. reporting live, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. you can help the ravens take the news off in style. it is on monday at 1130 at the empathy there. 11 sports
will be brutal. >> maryland had a bigger ball with crab cakes and tv's showing the ravens. >> i missed it four years a go. >> meredith smith has a plan. >> i will embrace the cold and wait. >> even marylands' governor has tips. >> i take them up my coat -- >> martin o'malley says a second innaguration is a big deal. >> the reelection was a more historic accomplishment. >> here are some of the crowd for maryland state ball. this ball goes until 1:00 am but many leave earlier to head downtown for festivities. the best advoiceice is to leave plenty of extra time. there are a lot of road ssds closed and yo uwant to deal with any unexpected delays. >> a candlelight celebration was held at the national building museum. mr. and mrs. obama joined mr. and mrs. biden. not everything went as planned. >> a truly magnificent michelle obama and the man she hangs out with, my friend president barack obama. >> the president and the first lady eventually did walk out. [laughter] >> and mr. obama addressed the crowd and thanked his supporters. >> make sure you know what we're celebrating -- is not the election
. >> one down, one to go. the san francisco 49ers touchdown in a new orleans yesterday. >> the ravens head down to the the you see later today. >> george lettis is live downtown. we star with mindy basara. she is in new orleans this morning. >> hi. we got into town yesterday afternoon. getting to our hotel was a bit of a challenge. so much energy here. so much activity. we went to get our press credentials. notice the color of the beads, purple beads. we did a little shopping. there is a football fans paradise. lots of ravens stuff. there are plenty of new orleans native that are ravens fans. >> i am glad to have it here. i am glad that baltimore is here. i'm glad ray lewis is here. >> check this out. how would you like to have your picture on a football? mindy basara, wbal-tv 11 news. >> that is very cool. >> what a great idea. >> thank you. george lettis is live with a preview of today's big sendoff. >> we're live at the inner harbor amphitheater. the stage is set. you can see the tents. the ravens bus will come here. they will talk to the fans a little bit. we will talk to some folks. w
star manti te'o claims to be the victim of a hoax. >> and to see the ravens in person at the superbowl will set you back 8 hundred to 12 hundred dollars. but don't let scammers break your back. >> when i get swatted, i know it's time to roll over. >> can a pillow stop you from snoring? we put it to a test. >> right now, let's track the snow. >> let's get to mike for the most accurate forecast. >> let's take you into the abc2 news most accurate storm center. this is a clipper system but it is producing some snow. this isour high definition weather bug camera in northern minnesota. there is the snow right there and it's just about 6, 7 hundred miles to the north and west of maryland at this moment. it'smove toward the state but will move in toward the commute. this will be expanded into the city. the biggest story is the temperatures and how cold it is. we'll talk more about the storm coming up in just a little bit. >> bumper to bumper, we don't want a repeat of this molecular orbitaling when the snow starts up. state transportationofficials say they did not pretreat last night. >>
. >> you can see the rest of our ravens countdown coverage. we take you inside the team. look back at how the ravens punched their tick to new orleans. 16 degrees. you could run into tens of thousands of relievers in d.c. why they are rallying for life -- tens of thousands of rally yeiers. more on weather and traffic when more on weather and traffic when we come >> joe biden will lead a roundtable discussion on gun violence later today. jenna a poppleton no, kathleen sebelius will also be attending the meeting -- janet napolitano and kathleen sebelius. as a live report from washington at 5:30. and assault weapons ban unveiled on capitol hill. on display were in number of high-powered weapons. republicans are expected to oppose the ban. >> the march for life is taking place in washington, d.c., today. among the scheduled speakers are rick santorum. >> now weather and traffic together on the 1's. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. we have a problem in howard county. watch for possible lane closures. this is 95 traveling southbound from white marsh. 65 eastbound on
sending two to the hospital. the ravens broadcasting team will plans in new orleans. we have a live look behind the scenes as they prepare for superable xlvii. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. this 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening. a terrible might leaving four injured and a 10-year-old girl killed. sarah samson's then the actor known talking to neighbors -- spend the afternoon talking to neighbors. >> a heartbreaking scenes and i am there is already a memorial set up. all day, people have been stopping by dropping off stuffed toys and notes address to the little girl. they say the girl's name was raven. the fire broke got just before 11:00 last night. baltimore city fire said seven people escaped the house and when they got here, they heard the 10-year-old girl was in the basement. the flames were just too intense and they had to evacuate. they later found her arm the first floor. witnesses who saw the flames say that they were both incredibly intense. >> i heard all the fire trucks storming down the street. i came up in the house was totally engulfed in flames. smoke was everywhere.
forward. >> thank you. we are six days before the baltimore advance -- baltimore ravens take on the forty-niners in super bowl 47. all eyes are on the big easy as the ravens are scheduled to land at a minute now. let's go live there now to have a look at the growing excitement there. >> it's a beautiful sunny evening here about 72 degrees and the ravens are due to land at the airport any minute now. they will jump on a bus and head down to their hotel in downtown new orleans. the last time i looked at this place during hurricane katrina it was in bad shape. it is absolutely beautiful now. you can see now the worker putting up the picture of the san francisco forty-niners. when the players get downtown, they're going to find a city that is ready. with six days to go, a new orleans is tuned up and ready to agree to teams and their fans. >> it's amazing. it's the first time i've been here. >> these d.c. residents are in town of four a conference and stumbled into the mardi gras and pregame festivities 3 >> the people are nice and the food is great. >> buildings are
members was killed when the fire started. >>> charm city is saluting the afc champion baltimore ravens. ray lewis & co. are attending a rally underway right now in the inner harbor and our scott broom is there live with a check on how things are going. scott, over to you. >> reporter: hey listen, i just want you to know one thing, washington fans are welcome here in baltimore right now. this is the inner harbor. we are going to start counting guests by the tens of thousands to his see the ravens off to the super bowl . we are looking at the ravens cheerleaders right now as the crowd awaits the arrival of the ravens and most importantly, their huge star, linebacker ray lewis. all you have to do on this p.a. system is say the man's name and this crowd erupts. ray lewis the only player on this teamwho had been to the previous super bowl in 2000. the emotional leader of this team and that has spilled over to all the fans and it doesn't help that in one of the counties around baltimore, baltimore county is off from school today, and it resulted in a huge and enthusiastic turnout for ravens
. >> and now to the latest from the super bowl bound ravens. got breaking news on ed reid. take a listen. >> no, not my last ride. just bought a bike. >> he now says he has no intention of the super bowl being his last game. he plans to be back on the field next season. they had a couple days off to recover from the hard fought win and they were looking fresh today. focus is on the super bowl and facing a difficult team with the 49ers. the team of course still the under dog. players address some of the doubters and haters out there just a few hours ago. >> i don't care. you know there are guy that have to make a living on hating on somebody. if that's going to be us, me, then i plan on being around for a while and if you want to continue to do it i will be here. >> speak up. that's great. they will practice at home until sunday and then monday getting on a plane. >> something else. >> a lot of people want to get tickets and go to the super bowl. this may make getting a second mortgage but that's not going to stop fan who are searching for seats. >> but you have to be careful. josi
mike thanks. >>> this is a story everyone is talking about today. ravens are afc champions and head to new orleans and superbowl xlvii and they will take on the 49ers on february 3rd. some people are calling this the har but a bowl. >> i don't know if we had a dream this big. we had a few dreams and fights you know we had a few arguments just like all brothers yeah i guess so. you try to stay out of that business. we will let the two teams duke it out but couldn't be more proud of jim. >> mom lock up the china cabinet, the boys are at it again. early line on the game, ravens 5 point underdogs. >> you want to grab a shirt for the big game this one festous maximum mouse is code for superbowl. fans only produced the 2. shirts during 2000-01 season and now they are celebrating the return and stared to make them at midnight and have ship out 15,000 going on sale at noon. >>> news time is 6:34. a big day in washington, d.c. and the rest of the country as president obama is sworn into office for the second time. abc2 news sherrie johnson is live in the nation's capital with more on the ina
hello, i'm jeff barnd. &pbarnd. 3 and i'm jennifer gilbert. the ravens are headinn to pro game. 3 wwen the final seconds of last night's afc championship game... ran out... huudreds of fans flooded the streets of federal hill../. buttsome... of... the most... intense celebrations... llst night... / weree.. right oo the field. 3 ---nats of suggs high fiiing fans---22:31:56-22:32:03 "go ravens, we're gging to the - super bbwl, woooooooooo!!" 3 3 the team... is headed to new orleans two weeks, .... ut... he cost... coold keep... some fans ... here... in baltimore... for the big game. as jjhn rydell reports... if you're even thinking bout attendingthe super bowl... get ready for sticker shock... shock... 3 (rydell) "you can only imagine how many super bowl partiee are going to take place in &pbaltimore over the next couple & of weekk including here aa the charles village pub, but die-hard ravens fans are now scrambllng to find a way to get to new orleans for the big ga
miles, up the ravens landed about 45 minutes ago. 75 degrees. a lot different than what they left in baltimore this morning despite that bad weather, there was a huge sendoff. >> before the ravens had to new orleans, they had a few friends come over and say goodbye. hours before the team was to arrive, fans filled up the amphitheater at the inner harbor and they were fired up. >> bring it back for baltimore. >> we wanted to wish our team well. go ravens. >> it would not be a rally without the cheerleaders. ♪ of course, poe was here. fans came from all over, they had to be here. >> i drove 200 miles to be here. i would not miss it for the world. city,came from the ocean maryland. it is all about the ravens. >> after being stuck in traffic, the ravens arrived and the fans went crazy. >> joe flacco! >> we did this in 2000. we are not going to new orleans for nothing. we love you. we love you. we love you. we will give it everything we've got. >> ain't no better team than baltimore. >> we got two tickets to paradise. >> shortly before 1:00, ed reed let the fans in a final sendoff. >
our ravens will take on the 49ers and as you can see baltimore ravens fever isn't about to break anytime soon. >> 11 news reporter sarah sampson has more on the frenzy. >> still flying high after last weekend's victory, ravens fans have been flocking to the sports store. >> they want a.f.c. championship pennants and stuff like that and have a shirt and hopefully a victory on sunday. >> a victory is one thing they cannot buy here, but name anything else, and you can probably find it. >> since they won the super bowl 12 years ago, they love everything about them it's like a love affair. >> there's no doubt brothers martin and lewis good love their hometown team and they have the memory rabil i didn't to prove it. >> prem rabilya and memories. >> some of my favorite memories were hanging out with my brother. >> 3 1/2 years ago he had a seizure caused by a brain tumor and since then he has had to stay away from the rowdy game atmosphere. >> the loud noise would irritate me enough to cause a seizure. >> he won tickets to the super bowl and he is getting special earphones to protect hi
morning. we are counting down tonight to super bowl 47. >> ravens fans are flocking into new orleans ahead of the weekend showdown. they will have plenty to do down there to keep themselves entertained. let's go to the big easy for a look at the sights and sounds. what is the ravens than to do? new orleans is so boring. >> say that again question or >> i was just kidding. >> i can't hear you. there's a blimp overhead. just to give you a glimpse of what's going on tonight -- the super dome has been renamed. it is the mercedes benz superdome. i have all these little kiosks and things and putting up a huge image of avertin davis from the san francisco forty-niners. if you know anything about football, you will know that is a maryland terrapin right there some of the district of columbia. the superdome is looking a lot better than the last time i was in new orleans for hurricane katrina. this is the place where people took refuge with the waters rose. they put a lot of money into it to make it look absolutely perfect. as we look into downtown new orleans, just past that is
as ou can imagine... folks are feeling & super around here. here. the -3 ravens made some bold strrkes in prrducing this super owll logo. and.... their efforts were nearll sacked by chilly temperatures. 3 3 ((break 1)) 3 ((bump in)) 3 ((ad llb meteorologist)) 3 3 ((trrafic repooter 3 ((trafffc reporter 3 ad libs)) 3 map greenspring ibeety 40 mmp 3 3 3 3 3 some couples take a year or more to plan heir wedding.but we're doing it in just one -3's our wedding in a enter to win an all- xpenses- paid wedding... on uss. enter.. teel us in a hundred words orrless why you should win.send your entry to "wedding in week".. 2000 west 41st street in - baltimore.. 21211... & 3& or log onto foxbaltimore dot -3 com to entee... you can also pnter on our facebook page... just click on the wedding in a week tab on the left siie of the pageebe sure to read the officiil ruues and include photo with your entry! entry!and it's all brruggt to show at tte baatimore - ponvention center february 2nd 3 still to come... 3 ppying big bu
. >> the sport of scotching. before the ravens can take their show on the road, you will have a chance to sends them off with your purple pride. >> months since sandy wreaked havoc on the east coast. >>> from the snow to the ice, it could be a treacherous commute to start your week. we are working for you, ahead of the storms and the possibility of freezing rain on this monday, january 28th, good morning, i'm charley crowson. >>> i'm megan pringle. hope you had a great weekend, we are off to a bit of a rocky start. >> snow throughout the weekend, we will have a chance of ice. lynette charles is standing by with the latest on this. >> we see a little bit of everything out there. with that, we have a winter weather advisory and you can see it for the areas in the blue color, this is in effect until lunchtime, this is going to impact your travel. take it easy on the roadways for example you can wait a little bit, that would be good news as well. the most powerful radar is a mess of colors this morning. we can see what is going on. let me zoom in. with the radar, you can basically see what going on
in the case. >> the ravens could be world champs at this time next week. >>> first, we were slipping and sliding. will tomorrow's commute be any better. let's take a lack at maryland's most accurate forecast. >> how about a different set of headaches. we'll have a somewhat challenging commute due to fog and not winter weather. right now we see a few light scattered showers. lower eastern shore reaching across from calvert county. here we go, clouds held tough. we were in for another gray dreary day. temperatures at the moment across central maryland just above freezing, which is good. upper 30s to mid-30s. as a result we're not worried about icy conditions, not to say if untreated spots stayed icy in corner areas you could have snow or ice sitting there but that will continue to melt. tonight i don't think we get down below freezing. milder air trying to get. it will be a chilly start but much mild ore -- milder. >>> the defense rested in the john leopold trial. we could get a verdict as soon as tomorrow. >> reporter: the trial wrapped up with anne arundel county executive john leopo
hello i'm jeff barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert.for the first thh ravens are going to pro football's ultimate event. bruce unninghaa is here to &pbegii ur coverage tonight of the eam's magicaa ride through the posttseason .. one of thh hardest things about making the uper bowl is acceptance...realizing that pinnacle...making sure it hits navel gazing..even hough they ddn;t play this weekend, work...'l be ut there on 3& 3with raa lewis on his sell-descriied lass ride, there won't be is talk that ed reed could retire in &phis hometown,and then there's center matt biik, whh is in his 15thnfl season, and is &pmakinn his first super bowl &pa ong time to wwit,,but birk sayshe's nnt really focuued on that right now... "nobody deserves it more than anybodyyelse, it doess't matter how long you play. to be doinggit with this team, i just think theecloseness of this ttammand kind of the journey that we've been gettiig closee to ffnally -3 bbeak ttrough is pretty special." 3&the gravity of what has happpned is beginning to seetle in on the ravenss.john harbaugh alks abo
, but it is a real possibility for pentagon employees. >> the ravens road to new orleans. coming up, we will hear >> perhaps one of the least heralded but most important parts of the reagan organization is one of its most tenured. -- the ravens organization is one of its most tenured. >> ozzie newsome. 11 news pete has the story. hi, pete. >> ozzie newsome is an unassuming. he likes to take long walks or on days like this, he will take the treadmill. if there is a better manager and in the nfl, i have not seen him. ozzie newsome would go into the nfl hall of fame as a manager if he were not already there as a player. if there is one thing we can point to form why the reagan sir but the regular season, it is -- the raven survive the regular season, it is ozzie. >> we knew don could play. it was just a matter of him getting on the field. >> while paul kruger took time to reach his potential, the potential was there. >> when i am around come paul does a lot of the extra stuff on in some. >> he gives banks he had some many talents to, on as replacements -- he gives thanks he had so many talents to tu
symptoms without raising my blood pressure. coricidin hbp. fo >>> well the ravens are making their final preps before leaving for new orleans tomorrow. the team held the last practice in baltimore yesterday and it was also ray lewises last practice at the training facility. without a team, he had practice from thursday through friday as if it were a normal workweek. the ravens were happy to keep their schedule and feel good as they get ready to leave. it was good. it was good to keep the routine and focus in. try to get as much done work wise as you can hear and then next week with everything going on, just come part mental lies, focus on enjoyments and when it is time to enjoy it, but focus on work when it is time to go to, two. >> we'll have to do just as well and better. we have to build on these practices and be ready to play a great football team in the san francisco 49ers, a very well coached football team i might say. >> they will take off tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow we're going to send our ravens off in style. fans can cheer the ravens on as they leave tomorrow morning. the city
? [laughter] >> it is going to be a mega game. >> ravens star ray lewis getting spoofed on saturday night live. good morning, washington. news raininning our now. >> live and in hd,his is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning. . am scott >> the weather caused a number delays this morning. all of those scrolling on the top of your screen. storm watch coverage with adam , giving us a sense of the worst conditions both that and. >> it is really just this morning for the next couple of hours. light glazing and freezing sleet across area roadways. side streetse which are not as treated. then, light rain later this morning. here is a live look at the live super doppler radar. the white and blue areas, up 270, that isd snow. a light coating of snow and on top ofain falling it. go south of the beltway, rain and reports of sleet falling along with a little bit of snow mixed in. some rain reported in culpeper, .uantico, this is all a matter of a few degrees. we are hovering right around point.ezing some temperatures you see on your screen will be dropping a two.ver the next hour or yo
go to and look on news. coming up, a pair of die hard ravens fans get an early wedding present. >> no way. >> what they found inside that envelope around the story that sparked it all. and the nation's smallest state takes on one of its biggest issues. i do interior decorating and styling for bars and restaurants. [ male announcer ] whenever a business switches from cable to verizon fios, there comes a moment when they get it -- the powerful difference 100% fiber optics really makes. i got it the first time i uploaded these massive design plans. it was kind of mind-blowing because it happened so fast. [ male announcer ] now do more business per second with the speed and reliability of verizon fios for business. get internet and phone for just $94.99 a month when you sign up online with a two-year price guarantee. plus, get a $200 verizon visa pre-paid card. verizon. >> nine days until super bowl xlvii and that means wedding plans in high gear for one maryland couple. you may remember days tkwreu and jim. they had their first bait in 2001 at a ravens and giants party. th
is the coach of the baltimore ravens. it is being dubbed by some, the har-bough or the bro-bowl. earlier today it looked like the 40 inintoers would be spectators -- the 49ers would be spectators at the super bowl. 24-14 falcons at the half. the 49ers would overcome a 17-point deficit and take the lead in the fourth quarter with frank gore scoring this touchdown to make it 28-24 and that lead held up as the niners held here on fourth down in the fourth quarter. bowman with the key deflection in the final moments. the inintoers win it 28-2 -- the niners win it 28-2 tour and will fogs the baltimore ravens. >> this will be the 40 newspaperrers first super super bowl appearance was lead in the 1994 season. >> i was there and remember it well. check out the scene in atlanta. the niners celebrating. abc7 news sports reporter mike shumann is in atlanta with reaction from the 9er. >> the 49ers are on their way to their 6th superbowl franchise history and they become the first team in nfl history to make it to the super bowl with a second year head coach examine quarterback. as you can imagine, everyon
. the inintoers win it 28-2 -- the niners win it 28-2 tour and will fogs the baltimore ravens. >> this will be the 40 newspaperrers first super super bowl appearance was lead in the 1994 season. >> i was there and remember it well. check out the scene in atlanta. the niners celebrating. abc7 news sports reporter mike shumann is in atlanta with reaction from the 9er. >> the 49ers are on their way to their 6th superbowl franchise history and they become the first team in nfl history to make it to the super bowl with a second year head coach examine quarterback. as you can imagine, everyone was ecstatic. >> it is amazing. it is amazing. it is something i have been dreaming of all my life as a kid, going to the super bowl, we're here. >> we have one more game left. we have to get it. it feels good. we did what we we did they came and played a good game. it started off fast, but we finished faster. >> unreal. just getting that win in the fashion we wanted to showsolve s solve on the team and the character of the team and we have one more to go. >> it does validate our team. we said
out the possibility for morning sleet tomorrow. >> are you ready for super bowl xliii? the ravens will take on the 49ers and there's ravens fever all over baltimore. >> fans are busy stocking up on merchandise and the lucky ones are going to new orleans. more on the fan frenzy. >> still flying high on the a.f.c. championship from last sunday? since the minute this store opened monday morning -- >> it's pretty tight in here. yes. it's crowded. >> they want a.f.c. championship t-shirts and see super bowl shirts and hopefully a victory on sunday. >> a victory is one thing they cannot buy here. but name just about anything else, and you'll find it. >> since they won the super bowl before, people started loving them and i think the team loves the community back. so it's like a love affair. >> there's no doubt martin and lewis good love their hometown team and they have the memorabilia to prove it. memorabilia and memories. >> some of the best times i've had were hanging out with my brother down at the ballpark prior to the game. >> but lewis hasn't been at the stadium much lately. 3 1/
""generally we don't havv snow when we ttavvl"the couple everything ravens! will drrvv until they get tired....hen park this huge machhne at a walmart: "and one tting you won't be enviius about when it comes to this ttip, they''e getting about 7 miles per gallon" gaalon""it hasn't sunk in yet that we're really going, ss it'' amazing"amazingly they aren't the only ones in the howard made a verr expensive biithday promise to his son. go..."dream come trueettme, the orm offtwo very eepensive tiikeess tickets."never been to a superbbwl, just epic" epic""never forget take lots he dunkels expect to be in new orleans by monday! and we'll be takkng you inside and we'll be and e''l be taking you inside the super bowl live all week from new orleans. oor liie coverage starts tonight coming up.... an orangutan has weighed in on the suppr bow. bowl... find out ho she picked to win. you're watching fox 45 morning 3&p(bumppout))cal.. ll &p((break 1)) 3 forecaster has revealed hee pick for the superrbowl. there she is....syboo the 25- year-old orangutannfrom freeno, california
in new orleans. >> 49ers and ravens shut out their opponents in the second half. the niners they had come back from a huge deficit in atlanta, they were down 17-0 early and matt ryan hit gonzalez falcons led at the half. second half was a different story as the niners took over, frank gore, 90 yards total on the ground. niners up 28-24 in the fourth quarter. defense shut out atlanta in the second half. fourth and four over a minute and with a deflection as was intend forward white. they will face baltimore in the superbowl after the rave engs victory. >> it's a dream come true. i haven't accepted it will now it's like a dream. it will kick in later on the plane. >> unreal, man. it was the way we wanted to. the cashing of this team. got one more to go. >> we never give up. we never give up. we just fight, we just fight. you have to. >> we've waited a long time for this. how does it feel to go to your first superbowl? >> it's amazing. it's amazing. it's something that i've been dreaming of all my life as a kid. superbowl, superbowl, i mean.... >> 49ers are listen on their way back to the ba
saturday and friends say the victim's name is raven. she attended hall burt academy. the girl was inside the home with he mother, grand father and five children when the fire broke out in dundalk. >> i was hoping she would be okay, she was asleep while this was happening. she died, he family inside the hospital right now. >> investigators still aren't sure whether there were working motor vehicle detectors in the home. firefighters will be out in the neighborhood installing fire alarms. >> today the state will present its case in the felecia barns murder trial. johnson accused of killing the 16 year old, prosecutors told jurors they will hear from a convicted criminal and a friends who claims to have seen barns body in the suspect's apartment the day she went missing. the witness is a jailhouse snitch says the witness. john leopold trial. the judge says leopold was acting as a private citizen when he rode around in secure detail and ripped out the opponents campaign signs. leopold faces three oh misconduct charges. the gift that is going to help students who need to attend college. mich
feeeral hilll.. 3 was lloddd... last night- / as... huudreds f ravens fans... gathhree ouuside-/ watching... the gaae... & on the biggscreen. pcreen. fox 455s amberr - miller reports assthe finaa seconds of the ame clock ran out---theesccne coulddonly bb described as sheer madness. 3 there was dancing and there were cheers- ravees fans overwhelmed with the thought of mmaing it back to theesuppr bowl---aad he possibility of baltimore. 3 3 ((nat sound up))<17:56:48 -3 harbaugh super bowll harbaughh super bowl, o, o, o, o,, harbaugh super bowl> it's the match up of historic porportions---((nat sound up)) <26:50:05 harbaugh bowl. harbaugh bowl.> the ravves andd49ers sqauring off & in uper bowl 47.people in fedeeal hill sunday nnghtt goonggbonners abouttthe opportunity.((nat ound up)) up)))ot<17755:11 the harbaugh i mean we have both the brothers and going for the ssper bowl. it'' just greatt> huuddeds gathered &pputssde in ront of a bigg scrren watthing eveey play... p(nat sound upp)
. >>> just over a week from super bowl xlvii and ravens fans full of purple pride. >> reporter: ravens fans are gearing up and ready to cheer the team to a super bowl win. >> go ravens! >> reporter: fans lined up for a chance to see one of their favorite players off to new orleans. >> i'm a huge jacoby jones fan. we were going to meet him a couple weeks ago but we couldn't make it so i really want to meet him today. >> reporter: jones took time to give back to fans, signing autographs and taking pictures downtown. >> we had all those fans after the game, you would have thought we played a home game. >> reporter: baltimore is full of purple pride and some are taking the pride down south. >> fortunate enough to get tickets from friends, won the lottery. so we're off. real excited about it. we've nr been to a super bowl before. >> and of course you can watch super bowl xlvii right here, wusa 9 sunday, february 3rd, 6:30, and the day before the game on crew gets you ready with a special super bowl edition of game on. this guy is a big part of it. >> i am a big part of it. i'll tell you who's
are superbowl bound and an emotional night as the ravens finish off the patriots and punch the ticket to new orleans. >> the streets of federal hill locks like new orleans and mardi gras. we will go to some of the celebrations all around town. >> and time for the official beginning of president obama who will take the public oath of office this monday and we will preview that on had monday. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. a lot of you will be a little tired. >> how much sleep did you get. >> not a lot. >> not much at all. lynette you were up late you were celebrating and dancing all of that. >> i noose you were probably down in -- >> i was. >> you were probably down in federal hill. >> i wasn't but that clock came early. i am running off adrenaline and a lot of people will do that this morning and the cold air will wake you up. look at this 23 in manchester. 27 in baltimore aberdeen at 26 degrees and bowie is at 30 this morning. we are also going to be dealing with the wind that will pick up as we go throughout the day. right now, we see 5 in baltimore and 9 in dc but we will be
is get being ready to send the ravens off in style. a rally is planned for the team before they head he to the big game in new orleans -- head to the big game in new orleans. this morning, linda so is live at the inner harbor and when is the big send off? >> reporter: it's going to be on monday here at the amphitheater at the inner harbor. you don't have to look far to see buildings lit up in purple. that's the transamerica building overlooking the inner harbor. the lights are on in many buildings are purple. but on monday, this is actually the place to be. things will get started early in the morning. 98 rock will be broadcasting live at the restaurant from 6 to 10. there will be free breakfast handed out there. the rally officially kicks off at at the amphitheater at 11:30 and you will meet members from the 2000 superbowl team and the mayor and marching band will be here. the ravens poe and cheerleaders will be here. the best part is 12:15 when the coach and the players will be here and show up before beingheading a -- before heading off to new orleans. everyone is welcomed at this ra
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